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BLE Beacon makes shoppers more engaged

BLE Beacon - we offer electronic shelf labels with Bluetooth so it's easy to deploy and manage a Bluetooth beacon network using our simple infrastructure. You can use the displays to show engaging, targeted and personalised promotions to shoppers as they browse around the store.

Beacons integrated within the Breece solution provide the significant operational and cost advantage of being able to use one single system to manage both labels & beacons. You can use our infrastructure to control the beacons; turning them on/off, adjusting their broadcast range, changing their UUID signal and monitoring their battery levels.

BLE Beacon makes shoppers more engaged - beacons

Key Features:

  • Powerful beacons integrated within the labels
  • Flexibility to centrally control & manage beacons through Breece System
  • One central system to manage both labels & beacons
  • Deliver richer and more personalised content to your customers
  • Make shoppers more engaged while shopping in your stores
  • Better understanding of your customers' journey                                


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