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Breece On-Premises: Local installation on your hardware

Breece On-Premises is installed locally, running on your company's hardware and servers. All hardware and software is installed locally with an interface to the central ERP and other data sources that provides the data for the solution. Connected to your system, Breece On-Premises automatically updates the electronic shelf labels and digital signage solution (Vision).

Breece On-premises solution

Key Features:

  • Local ESL installation
  • Installed on your hardware and servers
  • Doesn't depend on internet connection
  • Connected to your central ERP and other data sources
  • Centralized backup (if internet is available)
  • Cloud service option


Doesn't require internet access

Breece On-Premises is a client server solution, installed and operated on-site on premises where the conditions don't support internet or cloud solutions. It's ideal for installations with limited or no internet access at all (e.g. ferries).

Cloud service option

Breece On-Premises also offers the option of a Cloud service add-on feature to your existing solution, allowing some maintenance and monitoring features for larger scale rollouts. With Breece Cloud Services you get access to a centralized overview and a simple administration of your solution - only a click away.


  • Centralized roll-out of new designs
  • Centralized roll-out of software updates to all stores
  • Centralized backup of all stores – important data safely stored


Breece Mobile

Manage your solution from the shelf edge with Breece Mobile. Remerchandising, linking / unlinking products to electronic shelf labels is done directly at the shelf where your customers are.


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