Rent a complete solution with electronic shelf labels

Rent a complete solution with electronic shelf labels

At Delfi Technologies, it is possible to rent a complete Breece solution with electronic shelf labels (ESL) – at a fixed price per month where everything is included.

This simply means that you as a store or chain rent a complete cloud-based ESL solution with infrastructure, mobile app for online management of the solution and the electronic price tags, with standard installation options.

All this at a fixed price per. month. At the same time, it means that you always have access to the latest technology. Including support and warranty on all equipment throughout the rental period.

The store thus does not tie up equity in equipment, but retains the opportunity for increased growth and optimization of store operations.

About the solution

By default, a rental solution consists of the following components:

Once you have the solution in place, you can always supplement with several electronic shelf fronts for your system and thereby expand the solution as needed.

A complete package


With the Breece rental concept, you get a complete solution with a full guarantee. For you as a store, this provides great security and reliability, as Delfi takes total responsibility. It offers the following benefits:

  • Create growth potential
  • Low investment risk
  • Control over costs fixed rent per. month
  • Upgrade as needed


If you are interested, a needs analysis is made and then you get a rental proposal that is adapted to your company.

Contact us and get a price example for your particular business.

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