Delfi supplies equipment for Corona test centers

Delfi supplies equipment for Corona test centers

Several test centers are being established in Denmark to handle far more Corona tests. In Næstved city, a new and fully functional test center is also ready for mass testing of the population.

In an article at the local newspaper “Ugeavisen Næstved”, the President of Region Zealand, Heino Knudsen, says that the capacity has been increased so that more people can be tested and at the same time a number of employees have been trained to handle the process:

– The expectation is that we can test up to 1600 citizens a day and we have trained 200 employees who are ready in the white tents.

You can come by walking or by car. The picture below shows how the Corona check-in works. Here, the test person’s health insurance card is registered using barcode scanners, which Delfi Technologies delivers to Region Zealand and the Capital Region, among others.

The scanners are a special antibacterial model that is especially suitable for the healthcare system and can withstand special conditions such as extra cleaning and disinfection.


Photo: Jan Jensen, Ugeavisen Næstved

Takes only five minutes

The graft itself only takes five minutes. The healthcare professional puts a swab into the tonsils and 72 hours later you know if you are infected or not. You get the result when you check in to your patient record on the website

You need to bring your health insurance certificate, but you can’t just show up to be tested for Covid-19. This is done through the call of broad groups of the population. The first letters are on the way in the Danish e-Boks (digital post system) already today.

The tent camp in Næstved is expected to serve the citizens for the next six months. A similar test center is expected to be ready in Roskilde city on Monday, May 4.

Source: Ugeavisen Næstved

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