We are launching a new subscription solution for handheld terminals

We are launching a new subscription solution for handheld terminals

Delfi X Cloud – complete handheld terminal solution for warehouse, store, and service people.
Everything is gathered in one manageable package – and it’s both quick and easy to get started.

Handheld terminal solutions no longer need to be a complex solution that requires major investment considerations. With Delfi X Cloud, you can now subscribe to your storage solution and avoid unforeseen expenses – at a fixed monthly price without surprises. It has become possible to acquire a cloud-based handheld terminal solution – all the way down to a single terminal with a subscription solution from Delfi Technologies.


Delfi X Cloud is Delfi Technologies’ latest shot in barcode solutions and software. Delfi X Cloud is a complete cloud-based handheld terminal solution for mobile Android devices that helps create traceability, increased control in the logistics chain and streamline everyday life for companies. With Delfi X Cloud, you can create an overview of the entire company’s logistics and warehouse flow. Often companies have heavy and slow work processes in the warehouse or in the store, which can be significantly streamlined by replacing manual and paper-based processes with a digital handheld terminal solution. Minimize errors on orders in the pick / pack phase, by implementing a handheld terminal solution that ensures that the right items are picked, packed and shipped.


The price for a Delfi X Cloud subscription and hand-held terminal is DKK 295 per month and includes:

  • X Cloud software hosting
  • Handheld terminal software
  • Support
  • On-site installation
  • Staff training
  • Remote Support
  • Delfi PM85 handheld terminal
  • Service agreement at handheld terminal


The perfect match – the right combination of software and hardware.
The Delfi X Cloud software and the Delfi PM85 handheld terminal are a fantastic pair that ensures an unsurpassed handheld terminal solution for many years to come.

Key Features Delfi PM85

  • 5 “handheld terminal – PDA Android 9.0
  • 1D / 2D barcode reader
  • Wi-Fi / BT
  • GSM SIM card
  • GMS
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon – 1.8GHz Octa-core Processor
  • IP67 certified – 1.8 m drop test
  • Light weight of 256 grams (standard battery version)

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