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Our in-store communication solutions and experience with electronic shelf labels covers a wide range of sectors. Based on the user, our ESL solutions have been designed to meet the individual needs from retailers and companies in different sectors. We cover everything from traditional food retail and consumer electronics to pharmacies and room signage, providing targeted solutions for your business. Here are some examples of sectors that benefit from our ESL solutions:


Food retail

Price accuracy and reduced wastage are some of the many benefits with electronic shelf labels within food retail. Get accurate pricing and display up-to-date product information at the shelf edge with Breece System.


Online competition and price match is a big challenge for consumer electronics retailers. Breece System and electronic shelf labels help to deliver a truely perfect omnichannel experience with price and product synchronization in all channels.


Enriched and up-to-date product information is very essential in both pharmacies and drugstores. Breece System and electronic shelf labels can be used to provide the right information at the right time for both staff and consumers.

Room signage

Create visible and up-to-date room signage and office signage content. Connected to your calendar, meeting reservation system or other data sources, our digital room signage solution is automatically updated via a wireless network.


Give your staff the access to any logistical information directly at the shelf edge. Is the product in stock - and if so, how many are in stock? Is it in order? Discontinued models? Information like this is the key for any DIY retailer. Our electronic shelf labels let you display exactly the information you want and need to show.

Beauty & Fashion

Avoid spending hours manually changing the prices of your products and make it easy to keep up with the market when prices change. Offer your customers the same prices and the same service – whether it’s online or in-store. Our electronic shelf labels let you have an overall view of your business.

Toys & Games

In a competitive field, such as the toy and game sector, it's necessary to be up-to-date with prices; both online and in store. Breece System and electronic shelf labels can help you being competitive with your prices so you’re always a step ahead.

Buffet signs for restaurants, canteens, conferences etc.

With digital buffet signs at the table, you and your visiting guests will always be up-to-date about the day's menu, allergens and any other messages you want highlighted in the buffet or restaurant - it is only your imagination that sets the limits for your new digital signs.


Digital price signs for wine and delicatessen shops

Delfi Breece System and digital price/product signs play a central role in creating a personal and engaged experiences for the customer - directly at the shelf edge. The digital price tags are the most powerful sales influencer, as a majority of purchase decisions are made right here. Therefore, you should take great advantage of a dynamic and digital solution where you can change promotions and prices quickly and easily - across the web shop, your physical shop or an entire chain of stores.

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