3D print partnership creates new opportunities

3D print partnership creates new opportunities

As part of the ambition to offer its customers new technological opportunities, Delfi Technologies has teamed up with the 3D printing company NILAS3D. A leading Danish grocery chain has already adopted a new 3D printed solution.

Delfi Technologies and NILAS3D have teamed up to strengthen the market for the use of 3D technology in connection with barcode solutions.

Since 1988, Delfi Technologies has developed and sold software and barcode solutions for retail, warehouses, industry and other sectors.

NILAS3D has started as an entrepreneurial company with a burning desire to make a difference through engineering services in 3D printing and design, including the use of the latest technology.

Customers are helping to develop new solutions

Delfi Technologies has already delivered the first 3D printed solutions to a leading Danish grocery chain, which needed to develop a very special solution for the chain’s label printers.

– We are a dynamic company where we develop together with our customers. If there is a need for a specific solution that does not exist today, then we are happy to help develop it. This is one of the reasons why we collaborate with NILAS3D, says Henrik Bang, Key Account Manager at Delfi Technologies.

– In this case, we needed to design a unique drawer system for a label printer to collect print jobs. The choice fell on a 3D production, as it is a flexible solution where we can continuously adjust the design. At the same time, we can scale up or down in production, as needed, he explains.


Denmark’s leading 3D print store

In addition to helping and advising on the design and printing of 3D solutions, NILAS3D is also an authorized reseller of Flashforge, which is one of the largest manufacturers of 3D printers in the world. The sale takes place via the web shop Flashforge.dk, where you will find state-of-the-art equipment within 3D printing and accessories.

– It is really inspiring when we can help develop the market for 3D printing. We can do this through our collaboration with Delfi Technologies and it is very satisfying, says Lasse Nitschke, Owner & Director at NILAS3D.

– Delfi Technologies chose our FDM production because it requires very little to change the product design. We were able to prove the flexibility already after delivering the first batches. Here, Delfi Technologies proposed an extra functionality for the subsequent batches, which only required a few design changes, he adds.

NILAS3D uses the company’s expertise and web shop to become Denmark’s leading 3D print store.


NILAD3D a Danish engineering company that offers a wide range of solutions within 3d printing with in-house production, which includes SLS, SLA, FDM, CNC milling as well as LDM printing and injection molding. In addition, the company also runs the web shop flashforge.dk, which is an authorized reseller of 3D printers from Flashforge – one of the world’s largest manufacturers of 3D printers.

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