Get ready for the new legislation on digital POS systems

Get ready for the new legislation on digital POS systems

From January 1, 2024, retail and service companies must use a digital cash register for sales registration to comply with the new requirements from the Danish Tax Authority (SKAT).

Many shops and restaurants in Denmark are actively preparing to upgrade their POS systems to meet these new requirements. At Delfi Technologies, we’re actively guiding businesses through this transition and offering the right POS solution that not only meets the new standards but also opens doors to more efficient and modern operations.

The new legislation

The new legislation on digital cash registers is designed to ensure increased transparency and accuracy in sales registration. Stores and restaurants need to upgrade their cash register systems to meet the requirements for digital sales registration systems and ensure that all transactions are correctly documented and reported to tax authorities.

Navigating this transition can be challenging, including tasks such as printing receipts from the cash register, as it’s no longer sufficient to write a receipt by hand. There are also increased requirements for documenting transaction files and receipts, as well as payment information.

Industries that need to transition to digital cash registers include:

  • Restaurants
  • Pizzerias, grill bars, ice cream parlors, etc.
  • Cafes, pubs, nightclubs, etc.
  • Grocers and convenience stores

What is a digital cash register?

A digital cash register, also known as a POS system, is usually connected to a POS system and can be integrated with other business processes such as inventory management and accounting.

Delfi Technologies is also a total supplier of POS equipment, including everything from barcode scanners to receipt printers and POS PCs.

What should you be aware of?

SKAT has prepared a specification under digital sales registration systems §63.

The key points are as follows:

  • All transactions and receipts must be digitized
  • Files must be stored for at least 12 months and must always be available digitally
  • Each cashier must log in to the cash register every time a purchase is to be registered
  • Payment methods must be distinguishable, such as card payment and mobile payment
  • Daily reconciliations must be done electronically when the cash register is counted
  • Changes or deletions of information in the electronic cash draft are not allowed
  • The cash draft must always contain the same information as the customer’s receipt

How can we help?

Delfi Technologies’ POS solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of the retail and restaurant industries. A digital POS solution should be user-friendly while meeting the heightened requirements for documentation and reporting. Fortunately, there are also benefits to the new legislation, such as quick and accurate registration of sales transactions, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring accurate tax reports.

With experienced technical support and a dedicated consulting team, Delfi Technologies can guide your business through the process of integrating the new digital cash register systems. Get assistance in investing in a more innovative and future-proof business operation.

How do I get started?

Focus on your business and team up with a technology partner like Delfi Technologies, which, with the market’s leading POS equipment, can not only help your business comply with the new rules but also open up a wide range of new benefits.

Let us help you!

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