New EU legal requirement – ban on cash receipts with BPA

New EU legal requirement – ban on cash receipts with BPA

From 2 January 2020, it is no longer permitted to use cash receipts with the substance bisphenol A (BPA). Banners and receipts printed on thermal paper may contain bisphenol A, and from the turn of the year it has been forbidden to use thermal paper containing bisphenol A in concentrations of 0.02% by weight or more. If you are burned inside with voucher rolls, you must also make sure to dispose of them.

Why a ban?

Since 2010, the substance has been banned in Denmark in packaging and containers for food that children under the age of three can come into contact with – and the substance has since 2011 been banned in feeding bottles in the EU, and now it is also banned in cash registers.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a substance that impairs fertility and is suspected of being endocrine disrupting. It is forbidden in materials that have contact with food for children under the age of three, but it can also be found in, among other things, cash registers.

Cash receipts

The majority of receipts and receipts are printed on heat-sensitive paper, so-called thermal paper, which contains bisphenol A. It has been shown that consumers are exposed to bisphenol A by contact with cash receipts and in recent years several supermarket chains have begun to phase out the use of thermal paper. , which contains this substance. Last year, EU member states agreed to ban BPA in thermal paper and this ban will take effect on 2 January 2020 (source: Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s website).


As a major supplier of voucher rolls, especially for the retail trade, we feel obliged to live up to the applicable environmental requirements. When the EU countries agreed in 2016 to ban BPA in cash receipts, we also chose at that time to introduce receipt rolls without BPA, as a more environmentally friendly alternative.


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