Delfi enters partnership with the price robot company PriceShape

Delfi enters partnership with the price robot company PriceShape

It is now possible to update the prices on your products automatically based on pricing rules that follow the prices of your competitors. Pricing is done automatically on your webshop and is also updated in your physical stores using our electronic shelf labels.

In PriceShape‘s userfriendly dashboard, you can easily create price rules at both products, brand, and category level. From there, PriceShape optimizes your prices completely automatically, based on your price rules, and helps to ensure that you always get the most possible sales, at the best price. PriceShape is the price engine behind several of Scandinavia’s leading retailers and brands. Therefore, they can also help your business.

PriceShape is developed to optimize the profit of your business by monitoring your competitors’ prices, stock status, etc. The system automatically adjusts your prices up to where you have priced yourself too cheap. In this way, you will earn as much as possible per order. Likewise, the system can downgrade your prices, if your desired margin allows it. PriceShape is not designed, to always give you the lowest price, but instead, use the system to optimize your prices all around.

87% price compare their products before purchase. PriceShape’s competitor data can therefore be very valuable to you, so you know where to place your marketing money.
It is rarely an advantage to pay for marketing on price comparison services if your prices are significantly higher than those of your competitors. With PriceShape’s tool, you get a complete overview of your prices in relation to all competitors in the market.

You can update your prices online as well as physically several times a day, with a combination of PriceShape and Delfi Technologies’ electronic shelf labels and Digital Signage TV solution Vision 4K.


The Danish white goods chain ‘El-Salg Center Aalborg’ is one of the leading stores within white goods in North Jutland. The store has now moved to next level and introduced dynamic pricing through a price robot and electronic price tags.

El-Salg Center Aalborg uses the price robot, PriceShape, to get an overview of competitors’ prices. Prices are adjusted automatically at the webshop through price rules. Prices are continuously adjusted based on competitor data. Therefore, the store associates do not have to do anything. The same applies to the physical store, which is using electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies.

– Dynamic prices give us a competitive advantage. All pricing takes place automatically, so now we can run the same pricing strategy in our physical store as on our webshop, says Michael Lindblad, white goods consultant at El-Salg Center Aalborg.


Watch our recorded webinar with PriceShape, and you’ll become much wiser about digital price tags and dynamic pricing.

With concrete examples, we show how your company can make use of digital price tags and dynamic prices to optimize both the business and the competitive situation. The webinar makes you more aware of how the use of automated pricing can optimize your bottom line. The implementation of digital price tags ensures a more efficient connection between the prices on your webshop and the prices in your physical store.


PriceShape is a market leading software within competitor data and dynamic pricing. PriceShape is based on your product range and scans all competitors’ prices, stock status, etc. completely automatically. With PriceShape, you have the opportunity to adjust your prices up / down to your competitors and always be aware of how your prices are compared your competitors. With the innovative PriceShape tool, you can set up different pricing rules that will regulate your prices automatically based on your needs. PriceShape can also place your marketing money where you are most competitive.


Our electronic shelf labels (Breece System) ensure that you always have the correct price label on your items, and save a large amount of time, which you instead can spend on good customer service. Our shelf labels are always up-to-date with the prices in your systems. If the prices change in your ERP system, the shelf labels automatically change right after. In other words, you can change your prices at any time, and many times a day. Advantageously, you can also use the PriceShape price robot, to dynamically update your prices at the electronic shelf labels.

Plug & play – easy to get started
Breece Cloud and the electronic price tags are a whole new way of thinking and our way of making everything a lot easier in the store. All you need is just an internet connection, a wireless ESL antenna, and the electronic shelf labels. The infrastructure is simple, and there is no need for local server installations. Thus, the start-up costs are minimal – and it is both easy and quick to get started.


Together with PriceShape, we can offer dynamic pricing. Delfi Technologies sets up your solution with electronic price labels, and with PriceShape you get a dedicated success manager.

To use PriceShape’s price robot combined with electronic shelf labels, just do the following:

You need to connect your products to PriceShape, and set up your preferred price strategy on the “dashboard”. PriceShape checks your competitors’ prices and quantities in stock according to your preferred range, and adjusts your prices accordingly.

PriceShape then automatically exports the products, which are then updated on the online store and in the ERP solution. In this way, your prices will be updated all the time. When there are price changes, the prices on your electronic price labels will be automatically updated, based on data from the ERP solution.

The actual price change in your physical store is done by using a wireless antenna that sends data to all the electronic labels. When data is sent from the ERP solution, the electronic labels will change the price within seconds.


If you want to make your business competitive before Black Friday or Christmas, or you want to know more about our new opportunity, you can contact us for a non-binding presentation. Then contact us on phone +45 70 222 555 or email: [email protected].

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