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Datalogic - Delfi Partner

Datalogic is a global technology leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, specialized in the designing and production of barcode readers, mobile computers, sensors for detection, measurement and safety, vision and laser marking systems.

Closeness and timely response to every customer requirements, together with continuous innovation and high quality offering, are the distinctive elements at the base of Datalogic success for over 40 years. Its cutting-edge solutions help to increase the efficiency and quality of processes in the Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics and Healthcare industries, along the entire value chain.​

With products used in the majority of supermarkets and points of sale, at major airports, at top shipping and postal services, and in the largest factories and hospitals worldwide, Datalogic guarantees its customers a complete offer that covers all the market needs and whose technology is the ultimate result of decades of expertise.


Delfi Technologies has worked closely together with Datalogic for many years. We have teamed up with Datalogic to ensure a high quality product range of barcode scanners and handheld terminals. A collaboration that quickly proved to benefit both parties on many fronts. Datalogic is one of our largest suppliers of handheld terminals and barcode scanners.

The characteristics of the Datalogic products are good quality, high specifications and leading in the market for data capture. Our customers are increasingly demanding handheld terminals and barcode scanners from Datalogic and we are pleased that we can jointly supply these products in many of our different solutions, combining the right hardware, software and services.


Datalogic's handheld terminals are designed for companies with big mobile challenges. Datalogic has both handheld terminals with and without a keyboard. Datalogic Memor 10 is a touch device that delivers immense robustness, power and performance in a format like a smartphone, and with user-friendly Android system. Memor 10 is one of the largest handheld terminals in the full-screen enterprise market, maximizing the user interface while still being compact in size. Datalogic's Memor 10 mobile computer improves the ability to perform tasks with the greatest accuracy without any problems.

Datalogics Memor handheld terminal also comes with a 2D scanning engine and can read DotCode and Digimarc watermarking. Datalogic's latest Memor terminals include the industry's first wireless charging system for contactless charging

You can also find handheld terminals with a physical keyboard in the Datalogic range, such as the Skorpio series. With a large 3.8-inch color touch screen, the handheld terminal is a leader in its class. The Scorpio handheld terminal helps users work more efficiently and with three different keyboards you can work with maximum power. See all our Datalogic handheld terminals here.


Barcode scanners from Datalogic provide advanced scanning performance and decoding for a wide range of applications. Datalogics barcode scanners' ability to capture barcodes up close, and to several meters away and increase productivity and improve employee workflows. Datalogic's barcode scanners have a wide scanning angle and can read very broad amount of codes, and are especially effective when even damaged barcodes are read. All these features combined with high-resolution make Datalogic's barcode scanners some of the most powerful on the market.

Datalogic's barcode scanners use a very special "Green Spot" technology that allows you to read barcodes under low light conditions or noisy environments.

In addition, Datalogic's barcode scanners offer an elegant and trendy design, as well as a tremendous ease of use and ergonomics. See all our barcode scanners from Datalogic here.

Wireless charging with Datalogic

In collaboration with Datalogic, we can offer wireless charging of your handheld terminals and barcode scanners. Datalogic is the first manufacturer to offer this inductive and contactless charging technology in their rugged handheld terminals and barcode scanners.

One of the biggest challenges with charging in retail and industry is when battery contacts and cables get dirty, bent or damaged over time. With wireless charging, this is eliminated and routine maintenance and cleaning procedures can be completely avoided.

Datalogic's wireless charging system is also faster than traditional charging solutions. The battery level can be safely and quickly replenished between shifts and recharged in the shortest possible time - all without straining switches, pins and cables. For units that are used around the clock, or with only short breaks between shifts, this is a major operational benefit. Read our 6 reasons to choose wireless charging.

Supercharge your workforce with the New Memor™ 20

Datalogic has recently announced new Memor 20 mobile computer: a best-in-class PDA born to face the toughest Enterprise challenges! The innovative device, designed and developed to be Enterprise-ready, also incorporates Datalogic’s industry-first wireless charging system for ultra-reliable contactless charging, paired with a 1-piece swappable battery for the best operational advantage. See the new Memor 20 here.

The new Memor 20


Our products from Datalogic

  • Datalogic PM9501, Scanner, 1D/2D, HP, 16 Keys, Kit

  • Datalogic Memor 10, Handheld Terminal, 1D/2D

  • Datalogic Memor 1, Handheld Terminal, 1D/2D,

  • Datalogic Memor 1, Handheld Terminal 1D/2D,

  • Datalogic Gryphon GD4520, Scanner, 1D/2D, USB,

  • Datalogic PM9501, Scanner, 1D/2D, BT, SR, Kit

  • Datalogic Skorpio X4, 1D, Handheld Terminal,

  • Datalogic Gryphon I GBT4500, Scanner, 1D/2D, Kit

  • Datalogic Skorpio X4, Handheld Terminal,1D, WEC 7

  • Datalogic Memor X3, WinCE 6.0, 1D, 2,4", Wi-Fi, BT

  • Datalogic PowerScan PD9330, 1D Laser, SR, USB Kit

  • Datalogic QuickScan QD2430, USB, 1D/2D, Kit

  • Datalogic Magellan 1100i Black Color 1D/2D Scanner

  • Datalogic QuickScan QM2430, 1D/2D, Kit

  • Datalogic PowerScan PD9330, 1D, AR, Multi-IF,

  • Datalogic Gryphon GFS4400 Fixed 1D/2D Scanner

  • Datalogic Memor X3, Single Slot Cradle Ethernet

  • Datalogic Memor X3, Battery

  • Datalogic Gryphon G040, Basic Stand

  • Datalogic Gryphon D040 Desk / Wall Mount

  • Datalogic Magellan 3200VSi, Scanner, USB, 1D/2D

  • Datalogic Memor X3 Standard Battery

  • Datalogic Magellan 1500i, 1D/2D, USB KIT, White,

  • Datalogic Power Supply for 4-slot dock chargers

  • Datalogic Memor New Standard Battery

  • Datalogic RBP-4000 Removable Battery for

  • Datalogic Magellan 1500i, 1D/2D, USB, KIT, Black,

  • Datalogic Memor 10, Handheld Terminal, 1D/2D, Kit

  • Datalogic Gryphon GM4500, Scanner, 1D/2D, Kit,

  • Datalogic Memor 20, Handheld Terminal, Android 9

  • Datalogic Falcon/Skorpio X3+X4 Powersupply - DEMO

  • Datalogic Gryphon I GD4520, 2D, White

  • Datalogic GM4500 HC, 2D, White, USB Kit

  • Datalogic CAB-426 USB straight cable

  • Datalogic USB cable, Coiled, USB TYPE A, Black

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