Delfi Technologies enters agreement with the A-apoteket pharmacy chain for digital price tags

Delfi Technologies enters agreement with the A-apoteket pharmacy chain for digital price tags

A new era of digital signage begins as Delfi Technologies has entered into an agreement with the A-Apoteket chain for the implementation of digital price tags. This partnership aims to make it easier for Danish pharmacies to manage signage and pricing.

Increased efficiency and flexibility:

Before switching to Delfi Technologies’ digital price tags, pharmacy staff were challenged by a time-consuming process of associating products with tags. With the new solution, this can now be done directly at the shelf using a simple app. This frees up valuable time, which can now be used to improve customer service and focus on other important tasks in the pharmacy.

Enhanced campaign opportunities:

Digital signage also opens doors to more effective campaigns and offers. Previously, it was necessary to attach separate cardboard signs, but with Delfi Technologies’ solution, campaigns and offers can now be highlighted directly on the signs, providing a more elegant presentation and automated updates of offer prices.

Compliance with regulations and sustainability:

With Delfi Technologies’ dynamic solution, pharmacies no longer need to worry about complying with signage regulations. The solution allows for flexible customization of the signs’ layout and displays necessary information such as unit prices, labeling for dietary supplements and medical equipment directly on the signs, reducing the need for manual sign changes and contributing to sustainability by reducing paper consumption.

Cloud-based operation:

The new solution is cloud-based, eliminating the need for a local server and making sign management easy and intuitive with just an internet connection and an antenna.

The A-Apoteket chain looks forward to improving the customer experience and efficiency across their members through this exciting collaboration with Delfi Technologies.

Read more about the pharmacies that are already using the solution:

Charlottenlund Pharmacy has chosen a new supplier of digital price tags

Digital price tags have been used for many years among Danish pharmacies. However, a decision to replace a previous solution with new digital price tags from Delfi Technologies has brought new benefits and more opportunities to the local pharmacy in Charlottenlund.

Local pharmacy enhances customer interaction through digital price tags

The ‘Fønix Apoteket Uldum’ pharmacy, which is part of A-apoteket, has automated time-consuming tasks with digital price tags from Delfi Technologies to have more time for customer care and the opportunity to offer personalized service.

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