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Breece Customer Assist - For enhanced customer service

Breece Customer Assist is not only a product search or price check service, it is also a communication channel that allows the customer to find the location of a specific product in the store.


  • A self service kiosk solution for your store
  • Touch & find – let customers find what they need
  • Browse products, prices, product information, images, product locations, etc.
  • Designed to help retailers increase their business


Breece Customer Assist is a subscription-based service. You subscribe to the solution and get access to use the software.

Why use Breece Customer Assist?

  • Get a rich communication channel centrally in your store
  • Allows you to use self-service applications such as product look-up, price check, etc.
  • Let your customers help themselves – and release time
  • Provide better information – and increase the level of service


Product information channel

Browse products, prices, product information, images, etc.

Product locations

Find the product you are looking for - get information about product location.


Find what you need

Scan & Find

  • With the integrated scanner, beep the 1D/2D barcode located on the product.

Manual look-up

  • Use product item no. to manually search for a product
  • Use product name / text to manually search for a product

Find what you need

  • Browse your way and find belonging product information (price, information, promotions, images, location, etc.)

Breece Customer Assist - The Solution

How does it work?

  • You get a wide range of dynamic design options
  • Breece Customer Assist is centrally managed via a Breece Cloud or Enterprise solution
  • Add-on to existing ESL solution (electronic shelf labels)

What do I need to get started?

  • The Breece Customer Assist Android app
  • An Android-based kiosk device
  • You must activate the Breece Customer Assist in your cloud solution

How to manage / update product content?

  • The Breece Customer Assist app is connected to Breece Cloud, which links to your own system (ERP / other data source)
  • Any kind of product information is updated in your own system


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