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Carlsberg Business Solutions: Online print solution provides lower operating costs

Carlsberg Group uses SkyLabel for the design and printing of labels over the Internet. SkyLabel is a cloud-based software system from Delfi Technologies that gives Carlsberg important control of labelling across national borders. Printing out labels locally is also quick and easy.

The breweries use SkyLabel for the labelling of their IT equipment. Labels with standardised information facilitate the identification of equipment and streamline interaction between IT users and support functions. Support, for example, becomes quicker when IT user only need to quote one ID number when they contact the Helpdesk – and the ID number is clearly printed on the IT equipment.


The SkyLabel solution is user-friendly and independent of user location. Data are entered in Carlsberg’s design templates on the SkyLabel website and labels with unique ID numbers and barcodes are printed out. The Ethernet module gives the possibility to connect online the CL-S631 label printer with Skylabel and this combination gives the possibility to Carlsberg to print out unique ID numbers and barcodes. The 300 dpi are an important feature because thanks to the high resolution Carlsberg can print the logo in every single label.

– SkyLabel is part of a comprehensive IT standardisation project designed to ensure that Carlsberg Groups achieves lower operating costs and greater control of its IT structures in the countries where Carlsberg operates. Initially, Delfi’s solution has been rolled out in 14 countries in Europe. The plan is that the SkyLabel solution should later be rolled out in the Carlsberg Group’s other locations across the globe.


The cloud solution can easily be scaled up internationally through more administration and user rights and also offers the option of local solutions. Matias Stuven sees SkyLabel’s flexibility as a very important strength:

– We will be pushing Delfi’s model out into the world. Maybe we will get regional pushback from Asia or Russia where they have special requirements for design and labelling. But that’s fine! We are still able to accommodate this centrally – and we are also able to delegate while still retaining control. That logic makes sense to us.

Matias Stuven is happy about the centralisation offered by SkyLabel:

– Previously, each Carlsberg location had its own way of labelling IT equipment. Now there is only one way of doing things, which makes it easy for us. The risk of errors has been minimised. We are able to control who prints what – and if we should one day change our logo, for example, or require additional information on our labels, we only have to change the design in one place, namely in SkyLabel, which saves us a great deal of trouble as well as time and money.

"Previously, each Carlsberg location had its own way of labelling IT equipment. Now there is only one way of doing things, which makes it easy for us. The risk of errors has been minimised and we are able to control who prints what."

Matias Stuven, IT Asset Manager at Carlsberg Business Solutions A/S


Delfi has also supplied label printers with special labels for the Carlsberg Group across Western Europe. Matias Stuven is pleased with the partnership with Delfi both in terms of the SkyLabel solution and the hardware:

– I am very satisfied with what Delfi has done and provided, especially considering what we have required of them in a very short space of time. They have been extremely flexible.


  • SkyLabel for label design and printing over the Internet
  • Customized labels according to Carlsberg’s requirements
  • Citizen CL-S631 300 dpi label printers with Ethernet card (model: Citizen CL-S631)

Carlsberg label:

Example of a Carlsberg Group label, designed and printed using SkyLabel.
The design is simple and contains very few data to facilitate identification for Helpdesk employees.


  • More efficient support
  • Easier identification of IT equipment
  • Lower support costs
  • Scalable, international solution


Please contact Solution Specialist Martin Fabricius Nordberg at Delfi Technologies on phone +45 28 19 65 52 – or send an email to: [email protected] for further information.


Carlsberg Business Solutions offers a wide range of business solutions – mainly consultancy, development and support – for the Carlsberg Group across Europe. The company employs approx. 300 consultants who support more than 10,000 end users working in a complex IT environment. Carlsberg Business Solutions is headquartered in Valby, Denmark.


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