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Studentenwerk Leipzig utilizes digital labeling

In order to make it as easy as possible for students to access all important information about food additives, allergens, prices of meals, snacks and beverages, Studentenwerk Leipzig has implemented digital buffet signs from the European IT company, Delfi Technologies.

One of the biggest advantages of digital labels is that Studentenwerk can update additives and allergens in real-time and track them in the past through an archive function. Delfi Technologies’ solution communicates directly with the Studentenwerk’s inventory management, minimizing the risk of missing information on legally required labeling of ingredients, crucial for allergics. The digital buffet signs also allows for effortless display of different prices for various customer groups and additional information on healthy eating.

Currently, 8 canteens and nine cafeterias are operated at various university locations throughout Leipzig.

A benefit for all guests of Studentenwerk Leipzig

The benefits of digital signs are diverse. Firstly, they save time as they can be quickly updated with new information, allowing all displayed information to be adjusted at the push of a button. All other essential information such as allergens or indications for vegetarian or vegan diets can be displayed directly on the screen.

Secondly, digital signs contributes to improving the customer experience by conveying a more modern and technologically advanced experience at the counters and food outlets. This makes it easier for cafeteria users to obtain the information they need about the food and drinks, in addition to the price. This can enhance satisfaction with the offerings of the canteens and cafeterias.

A user-friendly mobile app BreeceGo

Delfi Technologies’ BreeceGo app makes it easy for Studentenwerk to manage its digital labels. The app allows individual canteens and cafeterias to link products directly to the respective display and simultaneously change the layout of the labels.

Delfi Technologies’ antennas communicate with the digital labels, ensuring that all information about food and drinks is always up to date.

About Studentenwerk Leipzig

Studentenwerk Leipzig is the social service provider for approximately 40,000 students at 7 universities in Leipzig. Providing students with affordable housing and meals is an essential task of Studentenwerk. Currently, 8 canteens and nine cafeterias are operated at various university locations throughout Leipzig.

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