Louisiana streamlines their shop with barcodes and label software

At Louisiana Museum of Modern Art there is experiences for the whole family, and the beautiful surroundings both fascinate and inspire the many daily visitors. To complete the experience, Louisiana has a beautiful and inviting shop, where Delfi Technologies has provided a complete software and hardware solution for printing labels for the product’s barcodes.

Louisiana Shop is one of the world’s leading museums shops and is placed in the heart of the museum; this is where the museum visit both starts and ends, and therefore there is a constant flow of customers through the shop. Here you will find everything from art posters to inspiring books about e.g., architecture, toys, interiors, and clothes for both men and women.



Louisiana Shop is not just a small museum sale in the corner of the museum but is a large store on two levels with an impressive product range that counts many different product categories and products.

To register and keep track of the many products in the store, Delfi Technologies has delivered a combined software and hardware solution, which makes it easier to mark their many thousands of products and thereby create the necessary overview.

In the shop’s warehouse below the museum, they have a Citizen label printer, CL-S700, set up with BarTender Label Software, where the staff easily and efficiently are able to print labels with barcodes. They also use the smaller Zebra label printer, ZD420, to print GLS freight labels for when they occasionally ship items from the shop. Furthermore, they use a DelfiScan M71 to register the barcodes into their system.

– Before we got the label designing software, BarTender, we really had challenges marking the barcodes for our many thousands of products. It was difficult to differentiate specific products, which we can now due to the barcode labels we print for most of our products, says Jørn Maribo, Logistics Assistant at Louisiana.

BarTender Label Software makes it possible to improve security and efficiency as well as comply with rules and standards when it comes to proper barcode printing. At Delfi Technologies, we work closely with Seagull Scientific, which is the company behind BarTender.

"The service Delfi Technologies provides in connection with our BarTender setup is very valuable to us. We avoid making mistakes and servicing the software ourselves, as the Delfi technician takes care of everything."

Jørn Maribo, Logistics Assistant at Louisiana

In addition, Delfi Technologies provides continuous service on the BarTender setup, so Louisiana Shop always has updated barcodes and product information on their labels.

Delfi Technologies has in collaboration with Louisiana Shop developed various label templates that can be quickly and easily adapted and corrected, but if the shop suddenly needs new templates or adjustments, Delfi is ready to help.

– The service Delfi Technologies provides in connection with our BarTender setup is very valuable to us. We avoid making mistakes and servicing the software ourselves, as the Delfi technician takes care of everything, Jørn Maribo continues.


Due to the pandemic, Louisiana has also been hit by shutdowns and restrictions, which has forced them to think in new directions; namely with a web shop to support their physical shop. In just 1 year, the web shop has grown into a fantastic business, which is supplemented daily by the physical shop with refills of products.

About Louisiana Museum Of Modern Art
Opened in 1958 in Humlebæk, Denmark, and has since undergone 7 renovations/extensions. The desire was to create a museum where Danes could see modern art. Today, Louisiana has more than 600.000 visitors a year, and is one of Denmark’s most visted museums.

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