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Source: Berlingske, Future healthcare sector, special publication, April 2021. By Peter Klar.

With the EasyScan solution, Delfi Technologies helps the healthcare system to ensure information, efficiency and patient safety, without the clinical staff having to speculate on anything other than the most important thing – the health of the patients.

Modern hospitals are ingenious logistical ants, where any movement or action can be recorded electronically for maximum safety and patient safety.

IT in various forms plays a big role in the work of doctors and nurses, but ideally, hardware and software are not something they have to think about at all, because they do their job for a completely different reason: the patient health.

– IT is not something that preoccupies doctors and nurses very much. Except when it’s not working. Then it is suddenly very annoying because it lowers productivity by many percent every time a system stops working. Clinical staff have no interest in spending time and effort examining scanners or printers that do not work. IT and various equipment just need to work. It is solely the patient’s health that is the focus point of doctors and nurses.

The words come from Henrik Bang, Key Account Manager for Healthcare at Delfi Technologies, which provides logistics solutions to the Danish healthcare system.

"Clinical staff have no interest in spending time and effort examining scanners or printers that do not work. IT and various equipment just need to work. It is solely the patient's health that is the focus point of doctors and nurses."

Henrik Bang, Key Account Manager - Healthcare, Delfi Technologies


Delfi Technologies has done this with increasing intensity over the last 10 years, as the healthcare system has placed more and more emphasis on the work with documentation and security through data collection.

– Since the 1980s, Delfi Technologies has worked with logistics solutions for the grocery sector and other industries, so our base and logistical experience was huge when we started collaborating with the healthcare system, which demanded logistics solutions like those we have delivered in many other contexts, says Henrik Bang.

Delfi Technologies won an EU tender for patient identification in Region Zealand and delivered barcode scanners, wristbands and wristband printers accompanied by vital software that ensures a seamless transition in the interfaces to the clinical systems.

Today, Delfi’s solutions also help to ensure patient identification in the Capital Region, where thousands of handheld PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) with clinical function must be replaced.


It has become Delfi’s specialty to deliver the seamless solutions that no one notices, and which make the day easier and safer for everyone by securing patient ID, patient tracking, medication administration and much more.

A large part of the tasks are within the healthcare system’s critical infrastructure, where it is absolutely crucial that systems and solutions work at all times.

Delfi’s flagship within healthcare is the EasyScan software solution, which has been specially developed for healthcare, but which can also be used in other contexts. In conjunction with a handheld scanner, EasyScan digitizes and secures the patient identification process in the treatment process at the hospitals – right from the patient’s arrival to discharge.

Upon arrival, the patient is given a wristband with a barcode indicating the patient’s social security number. By scanning the bracelet, staff and system ensure that treatment and patient match – for example in connection with a blood supply, where the barcodes on the blood bag and the patient’s bracelet are scanned.


Easier workflows free up time that can be converted to care and patient care.

– Previously, there could be two to four handheld scanners of different brands and for different scanner tasks in an operating room. We have cleaned this up with EasyScan, where the configuration in the scanner has been moved into the computer instead. In this way, the healthcare system now has one scanner that can do it all. Now we have reached a point where clinical staff, who previously had to choose the right scanner out of several, no longer think about what they have in their hands. From the start, this has been one of our major goals in the healthcare sector, says Henrik Bang.


In the whole process, Delfi has understood and taken the consequence that very special requirements and success criteria apply in the health sector.

– Every time we have started a new project, we have spent a long time on consulting tasks to begin with. As an outside supplier, it is very important to analyze what the healthcare professionals are really talking about when describing their daily lives and their needs. Then you better understand why it is problematic when there are several scanners to choose from in a situation where things are going fast. We quickly found out that the way to success with healthcare solutions is to be very responsive and precise and deliver a total solution that slides seamlessly into something else and improves work and patient experience – every single time.


For the same reason, Delfi Technologies follows its projects to the very end.

– We place emphasis on participating in all planning meetings, in the roll-out phase and in quality control. We follow the project very closely, almost from department to department, and that is also the only way to do it. Healthcare has become an enormously complex entity. When you as a supplier want to sell something that at the same time must be future-proof and improve both working conditions and patient safety and more, you can not just take a standard item and not be interested in the further fate of the project. These are the projects that wont survive. When we say yes to a project in the field of health, it therefore also requires an investment of ourselves, which only pays off over time. It is hard to help develop the health care system. On the other hand, it is also extremely exciting if you dare.


In addition to the EasyScan solution, Delfi Technologies also delivers a number of other solutions to the healthcare system today, including PDAs for the Danish municipalities’ assistive technology centers and home care, as well as electronic price tags for pharmacies. The digital signs have the advantage that they can also be used as information signs (Digital Room Signage) at the Danish hospitals for, among other things, meeting rooms and storage rooms.


Delfi Technologies was founded in 1988 and specializes in software solutions within electronic shelf labels, handheld terminals, Point of Sale and print solutions. The customers come from a wide range of industries such as retail, warehousing, healthcare, field service and office. In the healthcare field, Delfi’s barcode solutions provide the visibility, information and security needed to work safely and efficiently. With real-time information and automated administration, Delfi’s solutions help to streamline processes in hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, etc. Delfi Technologies is headquartered in Køge. In addition, the company has offices in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy and Vietnam.

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