Tenute Orestiadi

Tenute Orestiadi: Leading Italian winemaker uses digital signs

During the production of wine, it is necessary to have a precise overview of various information – such as the name of the wine, details of wine vessels, capacity and much more. That is why Tenute Orestiadi, a leading Italian winemaker, has introduced digital signs in the production of wine.

Italy accounts for a significant part of the total wine production in the world. In Sicily, the island with a long-standing tradition of growing wine, you will find the Tenute Orestiadi’s vineyard.

In order to create a better overview of important information about the wines during production, Tenute Orestiadi decided to set up digital signs and from Delfi Technologies – a European IT company that specializes in ESL (Electronic Shelf Labels) solutions with a self-developed software platform for easy overview and management of the solution.

Digital signs create the right information about wines, providing the necessary overview in the wine production - and helping the staff to quickly access information.

Tenute Orestiadi

Easy to update the wine information

With Breece System and the digital signs, the winemaker can easily and quickly send out new data about the wines. A wireless antenna is connected to winemaker’s network and ensures that all the updates are sent out to digital signs – all just at the touch of a button.

The design and layout of the signs can be customized as desired, so that you can display exactly the information you want – everything from details about the wine to temperature conditions and so on.

About Tenute Orestiadi

Tenute Orestiadi is one of the most important production realities in western Sicily. It is a young winery, founded in 2008 in Gibellina, which collects and vinifies the grapes of many small producers in the Belìce Valley.Besides making fine wines, they have also started the Orestiadi Foundation which promotes an important cultural gathering of art and wine, to the great benefit of the inhabitants.

Orestiadi is domiciled in a newly built winery on the mountain that dominates the area around Gibellina. The cellars are constructed in harmony with the old Sicilian traditions, but contain the best and most modern equipment for the production and storage of the wines.

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