Digital solutions support quooker’s growth and goods flow

At Quooker Scandinavia A/S, distributor of “the water tap that can do it all”, the experience big progress and a massive goods flow in and out of the warehouse in Rødovre, Denmark. A major logistical task where faults cost valuable time for the employees – both in the reception, the workshop and in the warehouse. Therefore, Quooker uses a logistics solution from Delfi Technologies to secure correct registration and marking of the company’s product range.   

Quooker has become an acknowledghed brand within the kitchen industry, where many today choose to invest in an innovative and a quality assured water top from Quooker. For Quooker it’s important to make the everyday life easier to their customers, why their water taps both supply with directly tapped, boiling water including cooled water – still or sparkling.


Quooker’s vision is to make the everyday life easier to their customers but there is also need for efficient solutions in the office and in the warehouse in Rødovre.

Due to the rising popularity and demand of Quooker’s products, the company grows steadily – and so do the goods flow. The IT department at Quooker support the need of a digitalization of all processes to optimize the employees’ time and efficiency. This is, among other, done by Delfi products and services.

In collaboration with Delfi Technologies, Quooker has implemented a logistics solution with label printers both in the warehouse, in the spare parts warehouse and in the workshop, where they print special labels to water containers and print freight labels. Furthermore, they use barcode scanners to scan and register the barcodes on the containers’ labels.

– Everyday, we send many packages from the warehouse, and here it’s especially important for our employees to use their time the best way possible, say Quooker IT and continue:

– Just a 5-minute delay can cost valuable time, why the solution from Delfi Technologies helps us streamline the processes and that saves us both time and the risk of faults.

"Delfi Technologies has been with us along the way, and they are always ready to support us if we have any difficulties or challenges with either the label printers or the BarTender software."

Quooker IT


Quooker has developed a smart and sustainable concept, Quooker SWOP, which is an exchange service to their existing customers, if their water containers should stop working. Quooker exchange the old container with a newly renovated container that has been serviced.

The old container is delivered in the reception, where it’s being scanned and registered into their system with the barcode scanner, DelfiScan M81, where after it’s being serviced and repaired in the workshop.

The workshop prints a new SWOP label via the label printer, Citizen CL-s631 with BarTender Label Software, which are then put on the newly serviced container which are now ready to be SWOP’ed to a new customer.

The special SWOP labels needed more functions than Quooker could design themself, therefore Delfi Technologies has supported with the smart BarTender Label Software, where you can easily adjust and design labels. For this solution, Delfi Technologies provides ongoing support, so Quooker’s SWOP labels always are printed in the best quality and according to the marking rules.

– Delfi Technologies has been with us along the way, and they are always ready to support us if we have any difficulties or challenges with either the label printers or the BarTender software, Quooker IT tell.


Naturally, Quooker’s growth means even more goods and products in the warehouse. To keep track of the many orders in the warehouse they use the small, handheld scanner, Delfi PM3, which is used to scan the products to be delivered, where after the employees print freight labels with the Citizen CL-S621 label printer.

Due to the congestion in the warehouse as well as in the office in Gentofte, Quooker just moved to a new and larger location including a 1200 sqft warehouse in Rødovre, that is ready to support the massive growth and provide better conditions for both employees and the growing goods flow.


Quooker is established in Holland in the 1990’s and has since then produced and delivered innovative quality water taps for kitchens all over the world. Quooker Scandinavia A/S has more than 1300 dealers that are supported from the Danish office and warehouse in Rødovre.

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