Digital tool helps the municipalities with their health work

In collaboration with Systematic, who provides software for critical functions in the society, Delfi Technologies has provided a digital tool for the Danish municipalities, where daily and important tasks around the country’s aid depots, can be handled via smartphones and barcodes.

Today, the municipalities’ aid depots are represented by service centers all over Denmark. It is a time consuming, and often big, logistic task, to handle the thousands of aids, which circulate between the depots and citizens in a municipality, at the hospital and patients or between nursing homes and residents.

One of the country’s aid depots is located in Favrskov Kommune, a municipality in the Eastern Jutland, who was among the first municipalities in Denmark to implement a new, digital solution, provided in collaboration with Systematic and Delfi Technologies.


Today, the care system, Columna Cura, is used by the country’s municipalities to handle home care, nursing, training, aids, visitation and data about the residents of the nursing homes. Columna Care is developed by Systematic together with the municipalities and creates a strong foundation for an electronic citizen journal.

‘Cura Hjælpemiddel (aid)’ is used for orders and deliveries of aids, where inventory management and receipt of orders are all handled digitally. Barcodes are used to identify the aids.

Earlier, many of the processes were paper based, have now been digitalized. The process of picking and packing the aids from the inventory to the delivery to the citizens, were formerly managed by paper registration and documentation.

"It is definitely an environmental advantage to replace such a big amount of paper-based work processes with a digital solution, as we have done."

Camilla Skovgaard Andersen, Team Leader in the aid service at Favrskov Kommune

Now, the paper has been replaced with a digital scanner solution. The employees’ work processes at the aid depots are now digitally registered with barcodes and smartphones.

– It is definitely an environmental advantage to replace such a big amount of paper-based work processes with a digital solution, as we have done, says Camilla Skovgaard Andersen, Team Leader in the aid service at Favrskov Kommune.

The scanner solution is especially used when registering aids for citizens related to depositing and delivery, reparations and cleaning, as well as exchanges.


The new smartphones are not only handling the registration of aids – they are also important work tools for the employees, since they can handle a wide range of tasks from the smartphones.

Employees are also able to use the mobile units to get an overview of drives or to get access to important information about tasks or patients. In addition, they can also scan an aid to get information about it on the screen.

At Favrskov Kommune, as well at other Danish municipalities, the time of the core task is important – to provide care and support for citizens in need.

The digital scanner solution helps the municipalities to secure correct registrations and documentation.

– Since we have implemented the scanner solution, we have achieved a significant improvement of our data security, Camilla Skovgaard Andersen tells.


Favrskov Kommune has been one of the first movers within implementation of the scanner solution with barcodes. The barcode solution consists of the smartphones (model: Delfi PM85) from Delfi Technologies, which communicates with the Columna Care system from Systematic, where all data are registered.

The shift from paper to a digital solution has resulted in several new possibilities. Favrskov Kommune is now aware of different possibilities of optimizing processes to work smarter in the future. Delfi Technologies is continuously in dialogue with Systematic about further development of the existing solution. Today, many of the country’s municipalities use the newer Delfi PM90 PDA as well.

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