Digital property signs facilitate administration

In Sweden, Delfi Technologies and Service Node have implemented a digital room signage solution for the real estate company Uppsalahem AB.

The solution consists of the energy-efficient Breece e-ink displays / signs that last for many years – without the need to replace batteries. Property and apartment information is updated easily and immediately when the adjustment is made in the property system, whereby both mailboxes, property registers, nameplates at the apartment door, etc. are updated automatically.


The Uppsala-based real estate company Uppsalahem AB realized that a lot of unnecessary time was spent on staff changing nameplates on apartments, mailboxes and stairwells in their student housing, where the frequency of moving in and moving out is high. To address this, they began looking for a cost-effective alternative that would be easy to install with minimal intervention in the property funds and the property itself.

Uppsalahem AB is Uppsala’s leading housing company with approximately 17,000 homes and almost 30,000 inhabitants. Since 1946, Uppsalahem AB has built more than 20,000 homes and is one of Uppsala’s largest builders.

"It is a great pleasure to be able to launch our solution with digital property information together with our pilot customer Uppsalahem AB. Also, a big thanks to our partner Delfi Technologies".

Johannes Nylund, Founder / CEO at Service Node


Service Node is a Swedish start-up company based in Umeå, in Sweden. The company is working to eliminate unnecessary paperwork and digitize the need for documentation. In this way, the company makes the necessary information available to anyone who needs access to it. Today, Service Node helps service companies/property owners with both equipment and solutions to work smarter and more efficiently in their service and maintenance work.

– It is a great pleasure to be able to launch our solution with digital property information together with our pilot customer Uppsalahem AB. Also, a big thanks to our partner Delfi Technologies, says Johannes Nylund, founder / CEO of Service Node.

For more than 33 years, Delfi Technologies has been providing software and hardware solutions to customers throughout Europe. The Breece Cloud solution with electronic signs is incredibly flexible and suitable for all types of industries. Today, the solution is in operation in many different places, including supermarkets, consumer electronics stores, pharmacies, DIY stores, sports shops, cosmetics, offices, real estate companies, etc.

With a direct connection to the property register (or other data sources), the electronic signs are automatically updated via the wireless Breece network. The signs can also be automatically connected to a calendar system and used as meeting room signs in offices, schools and universities, and similar places.


Together with Delfi Technologies, Service Node offers digital property signs for apartment buildings that do not require wires to the screens. With digital signs in the property, you do not have to go out and change the physical signs, because the signs are updated automatically when you make your change in the property system.


Digitizing the information has never been easier. Traditionally, wiring is required for each individual sign. But with our screens you avoid this, as the signs are powered by batteries and communicate wirelessly with central devices. No wires are thefore required for the screens.

  • Wireless communication
  • Battery operation for at least 5 years


With the same technology as the door signs, you can also gather all property information in one place

  • Stair register
  • Information about residents
  • Energy declarations and inspection certificates


The screen technology in the signs is so-called electronic ink (electronic paper). The technology means that the screen on the screen draws power only when the content of the screen changes.



Using integrations, we create a bridge between your property system and the signs. These are then updated automatically when new residents move in.

  • Stair register
  • Information about residents
  • Inventory information
  • Energy declarations and inspection certificates
  • Info about parking spaces

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