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Restaurant AKKC by MEST digitizes the buffet

The team behind “Mad Med MEST”, Michel, Mette and Stefan, took over the lease at North Jutland’s (Denmark) largest event venue, Aalborg Congress and Culture Center, in the summer of 2021. It has become “Restaurant AKKC by MEST”, where today they are responsible for all food and drink in AKKC and serve everything from large congresses, cultural events and private parties.

Restaurant AKKC by MEST sees it as a duty to work purposefully towards a positive impact within sustainability, focus on green transition and take social responsibility in the local environment of all of us. As part of their sustainable digital journey, Delfi Technologies has installed 300 Breece digital signs. 300 signs to be used as buffet signs to highlight their different menus and drinks.

– When I was hired in February, it was important to create a more digital path. When I became familiar with Delfi’s digital buffet signs, I quickly came to the conclusion that it had to be the solution that for us at Restaurant AKKC by MEST, says Camilla Buch, who works daily as event and online coordinator for the restaurant.

Camilla continues and says that the digital signs are a huge part of their digital journey, as they can now highlight the values ​​they stand for faster and more visibly.

"When I became familiar with Delfi's digital buffet signs, I quickly came to the conclusion that it had to be the solution that for us at Restaurant AKKC by MEST"

Event- & Online Coordinator


-For us, it is not “just” a buffet sign. It is a sign that has meant enormously fewer man-hours, greater insight into our menu and, not least, that there is no longer any printing of paper. Apart from the fact that it is of course a legal requirement to display allergens, we also know how much focus there is on which ingredients people put on their plates and in their glasses. They are now made aware of our great focus on quality and ecology via our buffet signs, says Camilla Buch.

Camilla, who is currently responsible for updating the signs, can today create 300 signs of approx. 10 minutes 1-2 times a week, where it used to take an hour to get ready for just one event – and it can easily happen that they have 10 different events in the house at once.

– Even though we are in a large building, we agreed with Delfi that one antenna was enough for now. We collect all our signs in one place in the warehouse, so that the waiters always know where to pick them up and use them, and then the signs can be kept and updated together. Through Delfi’s Breece Plug & Play, I can easily assign each individual sign a specific dish to a specific buffet via an Excel sheet.


It is only the imagination that sets the limits for the way you can use the digital signs. In addition to presenting a world of delicious organic dishes on the various buffet tables, Restaurant AKKC by MEST has also used the signs as table numbers and to display company names, so that the guests could more easily and quickly get an overview of which table they have been allocated.

– Due to the great possibilities of the signs and not least the easy access, we are already considering at least 100 more, as we currently have them all in use for individual events and only expect that more will be needed already in the autumn when we are busiest, Camilla concludes.


Sustainability, green conversion and CSR are just some of the measures on the agenda at Restaurant AKKC by MEST. A restaurant built by Mad med MEST, owned by Mette Nygaard Klausholm and Stefan Klausholm Petersen, who are trained as waiters and chefs respectively. They have Michel Lycoops with them as a partner, who is a trained chef from Ruths Hotel in Skagen and who has since worked at Brøndums Hotel in Skagen. All three have a clear vision of taking the best from Restaurant MEST and Svalegaarden MEST into the new collaboration with AKKC and thus the future lease of the restaurant. A place where the quality of ingredients, taste, appearance and cooking techniques are essential for a good meal.

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