Cash drawers -

Cash drawers

Cash drawers from Delfi Technologies are suitable for any purpose. We offer POS cash drawers that integrate seamlessly into any POS environment. With ergonomic design and sizes, our cash drawer solutions offer the storage you need for your POS and cash management solution.

Printer Connection, I-15, 405x423x98, Chrome Front

791 kr.
Item number: 2014030
32 in stock

Random key lock, receipt tray.

1.140 kr.
Item number: 2016282
4 in stock

incl. Random lock

870 kr.
Item number: 2014047
Momentary increased delivery time.

1 Slot in front. 440X460X103.

1.020 kr.
Item number: 2016687
Momentary increased delivery time.

8 Coins / 5 Notes, Printer Connection

1.260 kr.
Item number: 2015887
Momentary increased delivery time.

460x170x99mm, 8 Coins / 5 Notes

1.260 kr.
Item number: 2015888
Momentary increased delivery time.
Item number: 2015889
Momentary increased delivery time.

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