Customer displays

Customer displays, monitors and POS PC’s are some of the display solutions we offer for your check out and point of sale solution. No matter whether you need a customer display or a display for your staff, we have the right solution for you. Get a strong message with a high quality display screen from Delfi Technologies - a clear and visible display is part of a good service. At Delfi Technologies we have a wide selection of high quality display solutions in simple designs and different sizes.

Auto adjust, without touch. VESA 75x75mm

Item number: 6314325
2.154 kr.
48 in stock

5 wire resistive 250nits. 20W, 1024x768.

Item number: 5947462
3.114 kr.
Momentary increased delivery time.
Item number: 7398604
1.199 kr.
Momentary increased delivery time.

Power Adapter, without Stand. VGA, 4:3, 800 x 600

Item number: 7397672
2.399 kr.
1 in stock

800 x 600, Plug and play, Non-touch, 75x75 VESA

Item number: 7399815
1.495 kr.
68 in stock

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