Receipt printers

Receipt printers from Delfi Technologies are the right choice for your POS solution. Important features when you need a new receipt printer are elements such as the print speed and resolution, superior reliability and ease of use. Choose a receipt printer from Delfi Technologies and you will get a high performance product from the world's leading manufacturers of receipt printers and point of sale equipment.

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Mfi, USB Battery Charger, Belt Strap

Item number: 7398827
2.895 kr.
Momentary increased delivery time.

Dark grey, Incl. Power Supply, 180dpi, 250mm/sec

Item number: 7398632
1.895 kr.
18 in stock

Cradle, Mini, AC Adapter & EU AC, Battery

Item number: 7398849
2.995 kr.
Momentary increased delivery time.
Item number: 7399870
3.995 kr.
Momentary increased delivery time.

Black, Incl. Power Supply, All-in-one package

Item number: 7398384
910 kr.
Momentary increased delivery time.

Incl. Power Supply, RS232 Interface

Item number: 7101480
2.154 kr.
20 in stock
Item number: 7399723
2.095 kr.
12 in stock

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