Barcode scanners

Barcode scanners / barcode readers from Delfi Technologies provide a quick and efficient scanning of barcodes. A barcode scanner is an important tool in the daily work for many companies and stores. When a barcode scanner is used every day, it is very important that it is a high quality product. It is therefore important to select the right barcode scanner for the given environment. At Delfi Technologies we cover everything from general-purpose barcode scanners, hands-free scanners, handheld scanners and wireless scanners to presentation scanners, on-counter and in-counter scanners.

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Item number: 6278248
834 kr.
416 in stock

Black. Requires Cable (7398191)

Item number: 7398805
1.434 kr.
551 in stock

Incl. USB cable, Power Supply, Charge/comm. Cradle

Item number: 6278252
2.034 kr.
161 in stock

Incl. USB cable, Charge Cradle

Item number: 7398157
3.735 kr.
Momentary increased delivery time.
Item number: 5926235
3.582 kr.
6 in stock

Incl. USB cable, Base. Option PSU.

Item number: 7397509
3.995 kr.
Momentary increased delivery time.

Build in Stand. Multi Interface, Requires Cable

Item number: 7399050
2.095 kr.
17 in stock

USB Version incl. cable. Dark Grey Color

Item number: 7397820
1.995 kr.
Momentary increased delivery time.

2M USB Cable,tilting riser stand, no button

Item number: 7397157
2.070 kr.
Momentary increased delivery time.

Incl. USB cable, Euro Power. EAS Antenna

Item number: 7397137
3.195 kr.
Momentary increased delivery time.

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