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Breece System - electronic shelf labels

Breece System is a dynamic solution for in-store communication that drives different media in the store. At the touch of a button, our dynamic solution portfolio with electronic shelf labels and Vision (digital signage) lets you launch promotions easily, anywhere - in seconds.



Andersen Motors saves time and money

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Software solutions for handheld

We can give you the best handheld solution with the right combination of hardware, software and service.


Print solutions

We offer a wide range of print solutions, whether it is large poster print or label print - altogether we have the hardware and software to meet your needs.


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  • Quooker warehouse

    Digital solutions support Quooker’s growth and g...

    At Quooker Scandinavia A/S, distributor of “the water tap that can do it all”, the experience big progress and a massive goods flow in and out of the warehouse in Rødovre, Denmark.
  • Abels Apotheken in Erfstadt

    Schwere Zeiten verlangen einfache Lösungen

    Das Team am Limit. Dann kam auch noch die Flutkatastrophe. Die Apothekerin Laura Abels ist stolze Eigentümerin der drei Abels Apotheken in Erftstadt. Ihre Apotheke blieben glücklicherweise von einem Schaden verschont.
  • Aqua Dulce jewelries

    Label software marks thousands of jewelries at A...

    Each month the Danish jewelry brand, Aqua Dulce, produces and delivers thousands of jewelries for their wholesale customers, as well as their web shop customers.
  • Min Købmand Møldrup

    Min Købmand Møldrup secures future change of gen...

    The grocery couple at Min Købmand Møldrup are soon ready to pass on the store.
  • ESL im Körnebach Apotheke

    Elektronische Regaletiketten bei Körnebach Apoth...

    Im Herzen von Dortmund-Körne befindet sich die Körnebach Apotheke Dortmund mit einem sehr sympathischen Team. Ein sehr engagierter Mitarbeiter aus diesem Team ist der PTA Herr Braunsdorf.
  • Eventyrsport in Slagelse

    E-store of the year expands once again with a ne...

    Earlier this year, Eventyrsport won Pricerunner’s award “e-store of the year”, and expands once again with a new, interesting store in Slagelse, Denmark.
  • Barcode on poster

    Louisiana streamlines their shop with barcodes a...

    At Louisiana Museum of Modern Art there is experiences for the whole family, and the beautiful surroundings both fascinate and inspire the many daily visitors.
  • Solar project center Rødby

    Solar supports Denmark's biggest building s...

    Craftsmen and entrepreneurs can get easy access to materials and spare parts for their work on the Femern connection in a new 200 square feet Solar project center in Rødby.
  • Electronic shelf labels in Frankonia

    Frankonia connects online and offline shopping e...

    The German hunting retailer, Frankonia, has decided to roll out Breece System with electronic shelf labels (ESL) from Delfi Technologies in all its stores to connect the online and offline shopping experience.
  • Normal store Aarhus

    Delfi helps NORMAL with store and warehouse solu...

    In NORMAL’s more than 300 stores, spread over 6 countries, thousands of customers are served on a daily basis - and that sets high demands to a reliable business setup.