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Sustainability on the agenda at Delfi

Today, more and more companies are prioritizingputting sustainability. At Delfi Technologies, we focus on sustainability through our work with innovative IT solutions that can help create a better future.

Our mission is simple - we create innovative software solutions, enabling companies to empower their business with competitive advantages. We strive to be the best in our field, based on an open dialogue with our customers, a high level of expertise, the use of the latest technology and excellent service.

In relation to sustainability and innovation, we are working specifically with a selection of the UN's 17 World Goals for Sustainable Development. We do this, among other things, through environmentally friendly initiatives to make our production more sustainable.

Among other things, you can read more about our environmentally friendly receipt rolls or about our energy-saving meeting room signs that do not require electricity. With the digital signage solution, you can achieve better communication with available information. Digital signage is a simple way to manage meeting rooms and display updated schedules in real time. Connected to your calendar, meeting system or other data source, the digital signs are automatically updated via a wireless network. The wireless solution communicates via a 2-way radio frequency, without interference from other wireless systems. With no cables or wiring requirements, the wireless signs are suitable for a streamlined installation.

We also help eradicate poverty and stop hunger through our collaboration with FødevareBanken, where we have provided a barcode solution for food waste management. In the fight against food waste, we have also supplied handheld terminals and label printers for the Whywaste solution at Dagrofa, which is a serious initiative in the fight against food waste and date items. Here, among other things, MENY Solrød has achieved a reduction in their food waste.

Common to all our solutions is that they are based on innovation and efficiency. An example of this is our work with hardware and software solutions for the healthcare sector, where we help to strengthen patient safety and facilitate work in Danish hospitals. In this case with Region Zealand and the Capital Region in Denmark, among others.

In many cases, technology can help find solutions to both economic and environmental challenges. Here, quality assurance comes into the picture, as it often has a positive relation to process optimization, better control and increased traceability. In this area, we have delivered an RFID solution to Jensen Seeds, which creates increased traceability in the supply chain.

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