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Electronic shelf labels turn pharmacy into one of germany’s most modern pharmacies

Rathaus Apotheke in St. Augustin: Clearly different from a chemist, delivering faster than the internet and offering a more flexible business than any large chain.

Precise, flexible and efficient

"We’ll only get into people’s heads by being personally in touch", says Florian Wehrenpfennig. As the owner of the Rathaus-apotheke pharmacy in Sankt Augustin, Germany, he has invested in leading edge technology: Electronic shelf labels point out that no time is wasted in his shop. The Delfi solution not only stands for being precise, flexible and efficient - it also creates extra time and space for more and better consulting time for customers.

Exclusive look

„Our 1,100 labels give out the impression of being printed on paper,” explains Wehrenpfennig. the benefit of these wireless small labels are by far greater than merely providing an exclusive look. Customers and staff alike can at all times rely on seeing the correct and updated price information. Adjustments are made in the twinkling of an eye and thus consume a minimum of handling time of the Rathausapotheke staff. Even the conversion to the new system was completed smoothly without any problems: “We were able to manage the new label system in no time at all. The Delfi system really worked from the first minute“, says the happy pharmacy owner.

"We were able to manage the new label system in no time at all. The Delfi system really worked from the first minute."
Florian Wehrenpfennig, Owner, Rathaus-Apotheke pharmacy

More time for customer service

More time for customers by using better technologies the formular for the clear positioning of his pharmacy between online shop and retail outlet. "We have minimized every single process which hasnothing to do with our pharmaceutical core business." Time which formerly had to be invested in the printing and applying of new paper
labels is now for consulting. The pharmacy, rich in tradition, does not use technology as a purpose on its own, but to help create a more personal connection with the customers: It differentiates us from online-sales - we’re human beings in touch with other human beings,“ summarizes Wehrenpfennig.

One of Germany’s most modern pharmacies

After the reconstruction of the Rathausapotheke the pharmacy is now one of Germany’s most modern pharmacies: Looking clearly different from a chemist, delivering faster than the Internet and offering a more flexible business than any large chain. “And yet we are far from having exploited the full potential of Breece system with electronic shelf labels”, says Florian Wehrpfennig, who looks forward to introducing more innovations like happy hour and cross-seling campaigns.



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