Effective workflow management at Mercedes-Benz CPH

Effective workflow management at Mercedes-Benz CPH

At Mercedes-Benz CPH, the ambition is to to sell 4,000 passenger cars in 2019, divided into six departments. This places great demands on logistics and documentation throughout the process from sale to delivery. Therefore, Mercedes-Benz CPH uses a bar code solution for car registration and logistics planning.

Mercedes-Benz CPH covers the area from Hillerød to Greve and is the largest dealer of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars in Copenhagen and North Zealand. Mercedes-Benz CPH is owned by the German automaker, Daimler AG, and sells passenger cars, vans and trucks from five departments: Hørsholm, Hillerød, Søborg, Ishøj, and Greve. With the large number of passenger cars and vans sold from Mercedes-Benz CPH, Mercedes-Benz CPH has a clear process when it comes to getting the logistics and documentation to work smoothly.

- We work with "delivery on time" and therefore it is important that our employees and preparation staff do not spend unnecessary time on a task that actually could be done smarter. This is also why we print barcodes for cars, keys, and documents so that we can match them against each other and make sure that the cars eventually come to the right departments, says Emiel Schut, Operations Manager at Mercedes-Benz CPH.

"After all, it's about the philosophy "work smarter, not harder". By replacing manual work processes with digital processes that enables us to save time in one area, we are automatically being challenged to think differently."
Emiel Schut, Operations Manager at Mercedes-Benz CPH

Work smarter, not harder

As Operations Manager, Emiel Schut is, among other tasks, responsible for sales support. This involves the entire administration process from sale to delivery, including logistics, registration, and documentation. Previously, each car's unique ID was handwritten on keys and car papers. With the new digital barcode solution, Mercedes-Benz CPH has implemented a more efficient control of work processes, which also eliminates any human errors.

The solution has been implemented on all sales locations and is linked to Autoline DMS (Dealer Management System), where car data is pulled out from the system to print the barcodes. The solution itself consists of handheld terminals for scanning and label printers for printing labels with barcodes, which are attached to the car windows as well as key tags and car documents. In addition, a website has been developed that provides an overview of the cars and the entire planning process from sale to delivery. In this way, a manual work process has been replaced with a digital and much more efficient process.

Mercedes Benz personbiler i Hørsholm

After all, it's about the philosophy "work smarter, not harder". By replacing manual work processes with digital processes that enables us to save time in one area, we are automatically being challenged to think differently and see opportunities in other areas, explains Emiel Schut.

Today, the barcode solution is used to register new passenger cars upon arrival at the car dealer. In addition, Mercedes-Benz CPH is planning to expand the solution to also handle used cars in order to achieve uniformity and the same benefits in all areas.

About Mercedes-Benz CPH

Mercedes-Benz CPH has sold passenger cars in Denmark since 1930 and is owned by the car manufacturer Daimler AG in Germany. Mercedes-Benz CPH is Copenhagen's and North Zealand's largest dealer of Mercedes-Benz products and services, with more than 350 employees and six departments - Hørsholm, Hillerød, Snorresgade (Copenhagen), Søborg, Ishøj, and Greve.


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