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BAUHAUS introduces new Click & Collect technology

BAUHAUS has implemented a new solution that helps store associates to pick items for Click & Collect orders. With help from electronic shelf labels and handheld terminals, it has become much faster and easier to navigate through the store to find the right items. A new solution that also saves a lot of time on replenishment.

With a product range that covers more than 160,000 item numbers in a typical BAUHAUS store, it can be confusing for the store associates to find the exact package of screws or the exact bucket of paint to be picked for a Click & Collect order.

But after having introduced new technology, the BAUHAUS associates can find the right items at the shelves in the store both faster and easier.

Flashing shelf labels show the way

With electronic shelf labels and handheld terminals from Delfi Technologies, BAUHAUS can now find the way to the goods. The electronic shelf labels at BAUHAUS have a built-in LED indicator, which can flash trough an action from the handheld terminal when an associate must find a specific item.

"After we have implemented the new solution, we can prepare Click & Collect orders much faster."
Allan Nygaard, Department Manager at BAUHAUS in Roskilde, Denmark

- It is smart and efficient - we can use the electronic shelf labels and handheld terminals to navigate better around in the store. It saves us a lot of time during the workday, says Allan Nygaard, Department Manager at BAUHAUS in Roskilde, Denmark.

At the handheld terminal, the associate can view hallway number and section information for each item, which can be used to find the specific location of the items. When the associate has found the right area, it is possible to make the shelf label flash to find the right shelf and item.

- After we have implemented the new solution, we can prepare Click & Collect orders much faster, says Allan Nygaard.

Faster goods replenishment

With so many item numbers, it can also be time-consuming to find the right shelves when it comes to replenishment of goods. Here too, the associates can use the handheld terminal and shelf labels to find their way.

- Now that we can use the handheld terminals and the electronic shelf labels to show the way, we can also make goods replenishment significantly faster than before. It gives us some more productive workflows and we avoid having to spend unnecessary time looking for the right shelf and the right location, explains Allan Nygaard.

BAUHAUS in Roskilde uses a combination of four different sizes of electronic signs, depending on the department and product group in question - from small signs to the very large signs in areas where there is a need to be able to read price and product information from a longer distance. All the electronic shelf labels can flash and be uses as wayfinder. The handheld terminal itself is the Android-based Delfi PM80 PDA, which is in fact a robust smartphone.


BAUHAUS opened the first construction market in Germany in 1960. Since its establishment in the Danish market in 1988, the chain has experienced strong progress and growth. Today, BAUHAUS has a solid market position with 18 DIY stores spread across the country.


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