Norwegian Byggfag chooses electronic shelf labels from Delfi

Byggfag chooses electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies

With Breece electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies, the DIY store, Byggfag Mehamn in Norway, always ensures the same price and information at the shelf as well as in the register.

Byggfag is Norway's only member-owned DIY chain. One of the members is Byggfag Mehamn – a DIY store, which keeps almost any kind of building materials and tools in stock.

To eliminate the time spent on changing price labels and at the same time ensure correct prices, Byggfag Mehamn has chosen to install Breece electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies.

"We chose Delfi's Breece solution due to the simple technical solution that is in the cloud, and we have only set up two access points (antennas) that cover the entire store."
Are Pettersen, General Manager at Byggfag Mehamn

A solution that provides the following benefits:


  • Always show the same price and information at the shelf and at the checkout


  • Eliminate time spent on changing price labels


  • Manage the solution in a simple and clear way in the cloud


Get started quickly with cloud-based solution

It is easy and quick to get started with the electronic shelf labels. It only requires a given number of shelf labels in the store and usually only 1 to 2 antennas for wireless communication. The solution itself is managed via the cloud with Breece Cloud.

About the background for choosing electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies, Are Pettersen at Byggfag Mehamn says:

With Breece electronic shelf labels, Byggfag can customize the design of the shelf labels and highlight promotions at the shelf.

- The Chroma labels with three colors give a nice and easy-to-read look, and they change design automatically when they receive promotional prices, Are Pettersen says.

Easy handling via app

The daily handling in the store with linking products to labels is managed in the store, directly at the shelf, and takes place via an app, either via a handheld terminal or directly on a mobile phone.

- The BMA app makes it easy to link labels and products together. You have a full overview of the solution when you log in to Breece Cloud via a web browser, Are Pettersen explains.

The Breece solution with electronic shelf labels has been developed by Delfi Technologies and is currently used in more than 2,100 stores in Europe, where more than 11 million shelf labels have been installed.

About Byggfag

Byggfag is a Norwegian DIY chain with construction and building materials. The chain was founded in 1990 and is owned by the members. Today, the chain consists of 36 members. In addition to operating a DIY store, many of the members also have contractor or builder business with a high level of professional competence.


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