Electro Energy høster økonomiske fordele med lageroptælling

Electro Energy gains profit through efficient inventory counting

After having replaced paper with a digital inventory solution, the technical wholesale company, Electro Energy, has achieved a more efficient inventory count, which has also contributed to a greater profit. It is a warehouse solution that has been developed in collaboration with Delfi Technologies.

An efficient warehouse plays a major role at Electro Energy, which has one of Denmark's largest stocks of spare parts within oil boilers, gas boilers, solar heat, solar cells, heat pumps and energy systems. Electro Energy works with digitalization in many areas, and the warehouse is no exception. The company has therefore replaced the paper with a digital inventory solution, developed in collaboration with Delfi Technologies.

A customized website provides an overview of the live result during inventory count at Electro Energy's different locations. Counting now takes place easily and quickly via a mobile PDA / handheld terminal (Delfi Nova) instead of manual counting on paper. As soon as data has been loaded to the handheld terminal, it will be displayed in a live overview at the website, including counting difference, inventory difference in DKK and with the possibility of quality assurance of the data entered.

"Delfi Technologies has played a significant role in the development of the right warehouse solution. The solution provides the necessary overview and provides considerable time savings. This means that we can make our work more efficient".
Birger Christiansen, CFO at Electro Energy

Previously, the stock count and subsequent difference adjustments took up to several weeks to com-plete. After introducing the new digital inventory solution, Electro Energy receives the records directly into the system and can process the output immediately. This means that the time spent on inventory counts is reduced from weeks to hours. At the website, Electro Energy can also check counting differences and have the corrected inventory data transferred directly to the company's ERP system.

- We were looking for a solution that could make our stock counting easier and faster. At the same time, it should be possible to gain profit by implementing a new solution. Delfi Technologies has played a significant role in the development of the right warehouse solution. The solution provides the necessary overview and provides considerable time savings. This means that we can make our work more efficient, says Birger Christiansen, CFO at Electro Energy.

From annual inventory count to ongoing counting

As the recorded data now is processed immediately, Electro Energy gets a quicker overview of the actual inventory. Therefore, it has suddenly become interesting to look at ongoing counting of inventory levels at the various warehouse locations.

- It makes great sense for us to look at ongoing counting, especially on product groups where there is a lot of activity. The solution from Delfi Technologies has given us a tool where we can use digitalization and technology exactly where it makes sense and delivers value, says Christian Gulløv, CEO of Electro Energy and continues:

- After all, we can ultimately offer our customers a better service based. Our employees can now use their technically strong skills on the customers rather than running around and counting goods, explains Christian Gulløv.

The development project has been an agile process in which Delfi Technologies has been involved from the very beginning – right from analysis of needs, graphic drafts, ongoing tests and adjustments to hand-over, training and subsequent follow-up on the implementation. Delfi Technologies has also helped to develop a 24/7 self-service solution for Electro Energy that allows customers to come and pick up spare parts around the clock - all year long.

About Electro Energy

Electro Energy has provided Denmark with heat since 1964. From the morning bath to the evening coffee. At the beginning with machines as big as tanks. Today with high-performance boilers, solar panels, and heat pumps. Electro Energy covers Denmark from east to west, with branches in Glostrup, Aalborg and Kolding. With five warehouse locations, Electro Energy today has one of Denmark's largest stocks of spare parts.


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