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Bright future for Copenhagen-based Irma store

Irma Smedetoften is located in the heart of Copenhagen's Northwest Quarter. The area around the Irma store is part of an urban development project where, among other things, the local trade district will be strengthened. Irma has also recently modernized the store with an emphasis on today's trends.

Several initiatives are underway to promote developments in the area of Irma Smedetoften. A special urban development project and improvements to the urban space will transform Smedetoften into an open square with inspiring surroundings, which is expected to become the area's natural gathering place in the future.

The area's improvement efforts provide bright prospects for Irma Smedetoften. The area of the store needs to be improved and strengthened as the neighborhood's 'vibrant heart' and local shopping district. The construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

A modernized Irma experience

At Irma Smedetoften, you can make both the planned grocery shopping and be inspired by the faster to-go meals. The store has also been modernized according to today's trends including vegan department, delicacy with to-go meals and coffee-to-go.

The weekly offers from Irma provides lots of inspiration and high-quality groceries. At Irma Smedetoften, the prices are also automatically being updated every time a new catalog arrives – because the store has installed electronic shelf labels.

"I saw a need for optimization and that is why I wanted to implement electronic shelf labels. It is only an advantage when it comes to running a store and we appreciate that in the store operation."
Bendt Aagaard, Store Manager, Irma Smedetoften

Electronic shelf labels are an advantage in the workday

The improvements in the local area may help the Irma store to experience an increased customer flow. Therefore, the Store Manager is also particularly pleased to have installed electronic shelf labels.

- I saw a need for optimization and that is why I wanted to implement electronic shelf labels. It is only an advantage when it comes to running a store and we appreciate that in the store operation, says Store Manager Bendt Aagaard.

With electronic shelf labels, the store associates can concentrate more on customers and product fulfillment rather than having to deal with time-consuming price changes on paper shelf labels.

Irma is part of the Coop family, Denmark's largest grocery company, which operates the Kvickly, SuperBrugsen, Dagli'Brugsen, LokalBrugsen, Irma, facts, and Coop Denmark has almost 1,100 stores across Denmark, around 40,000 employees and a total turnover of approx. 43 billion crownes.

Electronic shelf labels

More than 25 years of leading store technology to Coop Denmark

Delfi Technologies and Coop Denmark have worked closely together over the years, a cooperation that started more than 25 years ago. Today, about 400 Coop stores have replaced the paper labels with electronic shelf labels (ESL) - the Breece solution from Delfi Technologies. Through the years, Delfi Technologies has also supplied handheld terminals for inventory, barcode scanners and receipt printers to Coop Denmark.

About Irma

Irma is Denmark's oldest grocery chain and the second oldest supermarket in Europe. The first Irma store saw the light of day in 1886 and ever since the beginning, Irma has been responsible for food joy, quality, and responsibility. Today, Irma has over 70 stores on Zealand.


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