ABC Lavpris: Better customer experiences with Delfi Technologies

ABC Lavpris has teamed up with Delfi Technologies for a better customer experience

The family-owned Danish supermarket chain, ABC Lavpris, with 15 stores in Jutland and on Funen has chosen the IT company, Delfi Technologies, as supplier of a new checkout system and price checkers for all its stores.

ABC Lavpris is a reputable supermarket chain with many years of experience in the grocery business. With the desire to improve the customer experience in the stores and upgrade the shopping experience, the chain has teamed up with the IT company Delfi Technologies.

The collaboration is based on a close dialogue and advice regarding the replacement of the chain's previous POS hardware and the implementation of a new checkout system as well as price checkers in the stores.

Selection of Delfi Technologies as partner

Delfi Technologies has been a close partner for ABC Lavpris in the replacement of their POS hardware as well as the introduction of price checkers, which are now placed around the stores to give customers better and more up-to-date information about the products and prices.

ABC Lavpris wanted new uniform and stylish checkout systems from Diebold Nixdorf in all stores. At the same time, with the same setup in all stores, which, among other things, facilitates IT operations for the chain. In addition, the new POS hardware also requires less space, which gives both customers and staff members a communication at eye level.

Delfi price checkers for an improved customer experience

ABC Lavpris has also chosen to implement Delfi price checkers in all the stores. This solution must meet ABC Lavpris’ goal of improving the customer experience and giving customers easy access to updated price information.

Several price checkers are placed in the stores on strategically selected locations, where customers can scan products and get immediate information about prices, offers and any discounts. This has made it much easier for customers to compare prices and make informed purchase decisions.

The right help for rollout plans and implementation

With the right planning and a detailed rollout plan, it was possible to ensure that all the different elements of the new checkout solution were also delivered on time to be ready at the agreed time - without affecting the operation of the stores.

In the same connection, ABC Lavpris also chose to introduce the Magellan bi-optical scanners from Datalogic in 5 stores. The remaining stores will also get the new barcode scanners. This solution ensures an efficient and quick scanning of goods but is also a good ergonomic experience for the staff members. With bi-optical scanners, it is possible to scan goods from many different angles. This makes it both efficient and quick to scan the several thousand items that pass the checkout belt every single day.

In addition, ABC Lavpris has chosen to replace their 2-line customer display with an 8" LCD display for better and higher level of information for the customer.

About ABC Lavpris

ABC Lavpris has its roots back in 1981, when the cousins Esper and Henning Tobiasen joined the company. Together they bought a minimarket in Videbæk, which was called ABC-Super (later changed to ABC Lavpris). Today, ABC Lavpris consists of 15 large low-price supermarkets with a total annual turnover of well over DKK 1.7 billion. The stores are located in central Jutland, with the exception of a single store on Funen. ABC Lavpris employs approx. 800 skilled employees spread over the 15 stores, as well as head office and central warehouse in Tarm.

About Delfi Technologies

Delfi Technologies is a European IT company that develops and sells barcode solutions in connection with product registration and electronic shelf labels for the retail, warehousing & logistics industry, as well as the healthcare system. Delfi Technologies has grown significantly in recent years and today has offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy, and Vietnam. The company has more than 130 employees.


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