Electronic shelf labels and omni-channel at Imerco

Electronic shelf labels create connection between sales channels at Imerco

Imerco A/S is Denmark's largest home and kitchen appliances chain with 156 stores by the end of 2017, distributed throughout the country and an annual sales turnover, including VAT of approx. 1.4 billion Danish kroner. In addition, Imerco operates one of Denmark's largest customer clubs, Imerco+, with more than 1 million members and imerco.dk, which is in rapid development.

Online shopping moving fast at Imerco, but the chain still focuses on bringing its physical stores into the game. Therefore, the Imerco trend continues from 2016 with new store openings, renovations and relocation of existing stores for better locations.

A strog connection between the various sales channels is therefore an important priority at Imerco, which with a large customer club and webshop, already has a strong focus on digital strategy and a coherent customer experience. The digital focus is no exception in the chain's physical stores where one of the new actions is electronic shelf labels, which Imerco so far has installed in six of the chain's stores.

"Electronic shelf labels help creating a coherent experience across our sales channels."
Thomas Sonne Hansen, District Manager, Imerco

New shop concept being tested at Imerco Helsingør

On Thursday, March 2, 2017, Imerco opened a new shop in Denmark in the city of Helsingør. The new shop is designed according to Imerco's new store concept. With slightly larger premises, the new store in Helsingør also has the opportunity to try some new things - including: a new department of home accessories. In addition, the store has also installed electronic shelf labels so prices on the shelf always are up-to-date.

- Electronic shelf labels help creating a coherent experience across our sales channels, as the shelf prices change automatically when a product is on offer. It releases a lot of time with the frequent campaigns we've got, says district manager Thomas Sonne Hansen, who has been affiliated with the electronic shelf labels project from the very beginning.

Elektroniske hyldeforkanter hos Imerco Helsingør

Focus on customer service and products ready to be sold

An increasing online trade and major competition help to increase the number of campaigns. With electronic shelf labels it is possible for Imerco to focus on customer service while making sure that the store looks good with products ready for sale instead of changing prices manually on the shelves.

- We no longer need to use resources on changing prices. It has released a considerable amount of time, which we instead can use on customer service. At the same time, we can also focus more on a good looking store with products ready for sale, concludes a satisfied Thomas.


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