Delfi helps NORMAL with store and warehouse solutions

Delfi helps NORMAL with store and warehouse solutions

In NORMAL’s more than 300 stores, spread over 6 countries, thousands of customers are served on a daily basis - and that sets high demands to a reliable business setup. NORMAL has therefore teamed up with Delfi Technologies, who helps with efficient solutions for both the stores and central warehouse.

The Danish owned retail chain, NORMAL, opened the first store in Silkeborg in 2013. Since then, the chain has been through a tremendous expansion, also outside the boarders of the country. Today, NORMAL has grown into a chain with more than 300 stores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, and Finland.

- It is crucial for us to always have reliable IT solutions to secure the best customer experience. Even minor mistakes can have big consequences for the individual store. And is it even more comprehensive, it can have a crucial impact on a chain like ours, says Søren Sivebæk, IT Director at NORMAL.

Solid operation requires smooth solutions

Together with Delfi Technologies, Normal has found a reliable setup with smooth solutions for both stores and warehouse, which secures a solid operation.

The store solution consists of mobile PDAs and complete POS devices. In the warehouse, Normal has a rugged solution which consists of PDAs, label printers and other devices to secure correct registration, receipt of goods, picking and shipping to the stores.

- Delfi Technologies helps to ensure solid operations in the stores with smooth solutions for counting, customer service, product replenishment and other operational tasks in our central warehouse, tells Søren Sivebæk.

"Delfi Technologies helps to ensure solid operations in the stores with smooth solutions for counting, cus-tomer service, product replenishment and other operational tasks in our central warehouse."
Søren Sivebæk, IT Director at Normal

All IT can be controlled centrally

According to Søren Sivebæk, it is crucial to be able to open new stores across national borders, and to get quickly and simply going with the implementation of IT and systems to secure the daily operation:

- We constantly expand with new stores in different countries. And with Delfi solutions it is smooth to implement them across countries, he says and continues:

- And connecting a new unit in the individual store is so simple that even a person without major IT understanding can do it too.

Solutions for great growth ambitions

Delfi Technologies has more than 30 years of experience and has a close collaboration with the market leading manufacturers of store and warehouse solutions. In this way, it has been possible to find the right solution for NORMAL. 

- Delfi Technologies is not just a supplier. They are also an advisory sparring partner, where we find the right solutions together to meet our needs and to support our great growth ambitions, Søren Sivebæk concludes.


NORMAL markets itself as a store that sells completely normal goods at fixed low prices. The chain opened its first store in 2013 and has around 270 stores in 6 countries today. The product range is purchased where the goods are cheapest, and thus you avoid expensive intermediaries, which means that you can often save 30-60% compared to the market price.


NORMAL store

Downtime is often a costly affair in retail,
where it is all about ensuring optimal store operations. At NORMAL, they have found the
right recipe that also lives up to customers'
expectations of a rapid and efficient service.


NORMAL warehouse

NORMAL is a fast-growing store chain. It places great demands on warehousing and logistics to keep up with the growth. The chain has therefore implemented technology from the IT company
Delfi Technologies, which binds the entire warehouse together.


NORMAL find my device

NORMAL is growing and continues the growth journey. Today, the store chain has rounded 270 stores in 6 countries. The growth places great demands on a strong IT infrastructure. NORMAL has therefore introduced a new ‘Find My Device’ app that helps all stores keep track of their mobile PDAs.

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